Individual and Couples' Counselor, MS, NCC

Living is sometimes hard. Mostly we long to be loved, but loving is a complicated business. It can be confusing and it can bring hurt, sadness and conflict. Maybe there’s tension in your relationship that you can’t resolve, or maybe in your life there’s too much anxiety, worry, or sadness. Maybe you’re experiencing a midlife crisis and don’t understand what is going on. Or maybe when you look at your body, you feel unhappy. These things are hard.

I can help.

I am trained in relational dynamics. I will watch, listen and help you sort through where you get stuck either in yourself or in your relationships. I can help you break through old patterns into new, healthier ways of being. In couples’ therapy I help build reconnection so that you feel closer.

I am trained as a marriage/couple and family therapist, which means I have a deep understanding of dynamics within relationships and within individuals.

In my work I provide a safe, non-judgmental, and compassionate environment for you (and your partner) to find some resolution.

If I sound like the right counselor for you, please get in touch for a free initial consultation.



One experience

“When my wife first mentioned couples counseling, I was skeptical.  I thought we weren’t the type of couple that needed outside help.  Now, after just four months working with Polly, I’d enthusiastically recommend her to absolutely any couple, whether you think you need assistance or not. Her keen insight and relentless compassion helped us discover so much more about ourselves and each other, and now we’re able to come together and stay connected on a deeper level, confidently weathering the storm of life, trusting that we’re truly in it together.  Our time with Polly was easily the best investment of time, energy and financial resources I’ve made… life’s just better now!”

Focus of practice:

  • anxiety & depression
  • relationship & family struggles
  • mid-life crisis/transformation
  • intimacy, sex & connection
  • body image issues
  • grief & loss