What is mindfulness and how will it help me?

Likely you’ve heard the term mindfulness (or meditation) and maybe you have some ideas about it and that it’s good that mindfulness exists in the world. There’s a place for it out there. But what about with you, what might mindfulness do for you? What researchers know is that mindfulness helps people manage stress, anxiety, [...]

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How to reconnect and regain intimacy with your partner

Intimacy. It’s an easy word, sort of trips off the tongue, but the thing itself is so often elusive for people in long-term relationships. Usually it’s there in force at the beginning. The other person really gets who you are. You can tell your partner everything because that person accepts you like no other. Quickly [...]

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Using suffering to find our power

Several thousand years ago the Buddha said: “Pain is inevitable; suffering is optional.” Pain has been a part of the human condition since the beginning of time. We endure love and loss, and we experience the pain that comes with that. Along with joy, pain is a part of being human. Suffering though, the Buddha [...]

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