I offer individual and couples’ counseling. There are different kinds of therapists for different areas of expertise. Some are trained in addictions, some in habitual thoughts and behaviors (CBT). My specialization is in relational dynamics. I have a master’s degree is in Marriage/Couples’ and Family therapy and I have extensive training in Emotion-Focused Therapy for Couples (EFT-C). EFT therapy is one of the most evidence-based approaches for both individuals and couples. It’s effective in resolving issues within a person, and within a relationship.

I work by noticing how people relate with one another and within themselves — what meaning you might take from your interactions in the world and with your partner, and then how you respond. We all have these relational patterns, but most often they are unconscious and we live mostly in a reactive space. I can help you develop awareness about yourself and change the patterns that either keep you stuck or are unhealthy to you.

Understanding yourself can be deeply rewarding. It can enable stronger emotional connection with others and can allow for new possibilities within yourself to emerge.

Typically clients who work with me report feeling a greater sense of capacity within themselves and a steadier, more trusting relationship with their partner.

In my work I draw from Emotionally-Focused Therapy (EFT), Internal Family Systems (IFS), psychodynamic theory, and mindfulness.

I work Monday through Thursday with evening appointments on Tuesday.

I also speak French and Spanish.


canoeIn individual counseling I can help you work through blocks, heal past hurts and losses, and attend to feelings of hopelessness and negativity that hold you back.

I use specific counseling techniques to help you deeply understand and identify your emotional patterns so that you can move beyond what’s familiar and have a greater sense of freedom and possibility. Together we can work so that you feel more empowered in your life.

One of the big challenges we may encounter is a life transition – such as new parenthood, divorce, or loss of relationship. In these experiences we may get lost in sadness or negative thoughts and behaviors. I can help you to regain your sense of self and once again feel whole.


Every relationship has its bumps, that’s normal. But sometimes those bumps can feel insurmountable. Sometimes you may feel you and your partner can’t communicate, you’re disconnected from each other, or that you’re constantly criticized and so withdraw. The slightest thing seems to spark a fight and neither of you can find your way out of this negative cycle.

Therapy can help. In couples’ counseling I use Emotional-Focused Therapy (EFT-C), which is a research validated method of helping couples resolve relationship conflicts, improve emotional connection, and increase intimacy. I will help you understand your emotional responses to each other and how and why you get stuck in escalating negative cycles. Then I will guide you toward positive patterns of interaction in which you can both be open about your deeper needs, and stay emotionally responsive with each other.

As this positive cycle starts to grow, you will be better able to communicate, reconnect, and feel close.

Couples and marriage counseling can help you and your partner:

  • stop the cycle of arguing
  • communicate effectively
  • gain clarity about the relationship
  • deepen your connection and intimacy



Please call or email me to schedule a counseling session or set up a free phone consultation.

Read below to print and fill out my Consent and A/V permission forms. By reading and completing them ahead of time, we can use your first session more efficiently. We will discuss these forms when we meet and I can answer any questions at that time.